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Special forum features: inserting music notation, posting audio recordings.

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user picture Author: rt
Posted: Apr 10 2008 - 10:21 AM
Subject: re: Love the idea...but...
Give me a few days to sort out the problems which were caused by adding the Flash keyboard (added it just yesterday). Thanks for pointing them out.
Author: wizofaus
Posted: Apr 10 2008 - 09:34 AM
Subject: Love the idea...but...
Hi all,

Very cool to have found this site - I've been thinking about the same sort of thing for a while. Also good call with the lilypond notation - definitely the simplest one out there. However...I put a new melody, then tried searching for it, and a) when entering a search melody it seems only non-relative lilypond mode works, plus you can't use flats, which is a bit annoying and b) it couldn't find my melody. I first deliberately searched for it transposed both in pitch and duration (all notes at double the length I added it), and 10 pages of results, but the melody I just put in wasn't there. Then I tried it exactly as I put it in (r8 g'16 c''16 e''8 e''8 d''8 ais'8 d''8 e''8 / flats not sharps) - and it still didn't find it...lastly I tried including some search terms (name of artist and name of song), but it returned no results at all. The only thing that worked was ONLY searching on the name of the artist, with no notes specified at all.

Further, while the flash piano entry looks very nice, it's pretty useless without having the ability to delete and using lilypond notation directly. But it's the default when editing a search, and when switching to the javascript version, you lose your original search.

Still...I like the idea, hope to see it improved in the future.
Total Posts: 12 - Pages (2): 1 [2]
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How to insert music:

Add a bit of sheet music, along with a MIDI file, simply by entering note names in Lilypond syntax between the [L] and [/L] tags.
For example, you can try what happens if you enter: [l]g'4 g'4 d''4 d''4 e''4 e''4 d''2[/l] (use the Preview function if you don't actually want to post this).
You can create these lists of note names by clicking on piano keys here.

How to post an audio recording:

If you just want to sing, whistle, or play a melody so that other forum visitors can hear it, follow these steps:

  1. Record your audio here.
  2. You should notice a 32-character hash code, something like: 2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf
  3. copy this hash code and paste it into a forum post, enclosed in the audio tags, for example: [audio]2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf[/audio]

How to mark a thread as solved:

If the original question in a thread is solved, please mark it as solved using the "solved" icon (or by just typing [solved] into your post). This makes life easier for people who are willing to identify melodies, since unsolved problems are easier to spot that way. If a problem turns out to not be solved after all, just write [/solved] in a new post, and the thread will be labeled accordingly.