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Author: j_kanev
Posted: Sep 10 2007 - 01:21 PM
Subject: re: How to enter pop songs with verse and chorus?

That would be a *very* good improvement. Maybe it would be nice to have an n-to-n relationship here, since there are a lot of themes which are used in multiple works (plagiarism, citations, ...). Possibly with an "also appears in" link on the details page of the theme.
What do you think?

Lots of regards, Jacob.
user picture Author: rt
Posted: Jan 15 2007 - 03:36 PM
Subject: re: How to enter pop songs with verse and chorus?
Hello Rainer,

so far, the Musipedia collection is a collection of themes and melodies. Thus, one should create multiple entries for the same song if it contains multiple themes.

I am planning to improve the database scheme so that one could indicate which themes belong to the same piece, which would be useful to avoid the duplication of information or inconsistencies. I am not quite sure yet what the best structure would be, and how it could be incorporated in the user interface without making it more clunky and complicated than it already is.

We would probably need a table of works with fields such as lyrics, title, composer, link to free sheet music etc., and another table of themes with fields such as Lilypond or abc code, Parsons code, MIDI file, sheet music bitmap etc.
Then there would be an n-to-1 relationship between themes and works.
So far, so good. But one would also need an easy way of picking an already existing "work" entry when adding a new "theme" from the same work, or, if that does not exist yet, an easy way of creating them both at once.

Anyways, for now I would suggest to just enter multiple themes, even from the same piece, as separate entries, and to duplicate the metadata (composer, title, etc). Once the database structure is improved, those entries will have to be linked together, but we already have that problem anyways with existing entries.


Author: rainerd
Posted: Jan 15 2007 - 02:36 PM
Subject: How to enter pop songs with verse and chorus?
Hello everybody,

since I'm quite new to Musipedia, let me first say that I consider it a very valuable resource and that I'm willing to contribute my melody knowledge as far as I can.

My question: Many pop songs have more than one memorable pieces of melody, mostly a verse (that the whole song starts with) and a chorus; some songs even have a separate intro sequence. All of these melody pieces may be in peoples' minds and therefore worth being searchable in the melody database. I've now seen examples of pop songs in Musipedia where there's either the verse or the chorus entered as music code, but not both, and I think that's not optimal - with a melody search, I may find the entry or not, depending on which part of the tune I have in mind.

When contributing such a song to Musipedia, I'd thus prefer to enter a few bars of both the verse tune and the chorus. Now: Is there a standard way or a convention how to do this? Can I, for example, enter two searchable pieces of music in a single database record? Or should I code both fragments together with a double barline in between? Or ...?

Best regards,

Rainer Dunker
Total Posts: 3 - Pages (1): [1]
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