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user picture Author: rt
Posted: Feb 06 2009 - 05:48 PM
Subject: re: Can't find what I posted
Hi Felix,
sorry about the confusion.
What happened was: I changed the way you can enter stuff. Either you can enter an entire Lilypond file, without the server messing with it, or you can use the provided grid, and a Lilypond file will be written for you (one for which indexing works).

If you enter a whole Lilypond file that does not contain a MIDI-related keyword, no MIDI is generated. If no MIDI is generated, no Parsons code is generated, and indexing fails as well, since all information for the indexing is pulled out of the MIDI file.

I now changed things such that you can still enter a whole Lilypond file and avoid my server meddling with the file, but only if you include something about midi yourself. If there is no midi keyword, I will now meddle with the file and add some stuff before compiling to ensure that indexing is possible.


Author: felix
Posted: Feb 06 2009 - 01:51 AM
Subject: re: Can't find what I posted

A few days ago I posted Marais, Marin: Five old french dances - l'Agréable, this went fine and was immediately searchable.
One day later I posted Marais, Marin: Five old french dances - La Provençale, which is still not found when searched for. It is listed in Latest Changes, but there is no automatic creation of a Midi and Parsons code, which was the case the first time. I tried to re-edit it a few times, with no success.
Both times I pasted a Lilypond file, that renders well in the Lilypond 2.12.2-1.
What went wrong ?
user picture Author: rt
Posted: Jan 14 2009 - 09:25 PM
Subject: re: Can't find what I posted
Finally, I got around to putting the new "point and click" editor online. Now the indexing should work again - anything you enter should be immediately searchable.
user picture Author: rt
Posted: Dec 24 2008 - 10:51 PM
Subject: re: Can't find what I posted
Hi Scott,

I am still working on changes of the indexing and search mechanism. The music you entered should not be lost (you should be able to see it under "Latest Changes" if you browse far enough). But currently it is possible that newly entered pieces are not immediately searchable. I hope to get around to fixing this soon.
Author: sc0tt
Posted: Dec 24 2008 - 10:27 PM
Subject: Can't find what I posted
I've been using musipedia to do searches for about a year, and I love it!

Two days ago I set up an account and tried posting a melody for the first time. It looks like the post was successful, because I can see it in "Latest Changes" (Scarlatti's Sonata in E Major, K135) but none of my searches (javascript, flash, Parsons, with or without composer name) return the new piece.

It seems similar to wizofaus' problem, except that my searches are on a subset of the melody, and searching solely on the composer's name doesn't work either.

When I find my username on the member list it says "has worked on one tune," but clicking on that link gives me "no matches found."
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