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Author: ivionday
Posted: Aug 16 2006 - 12:37 AM
Subject: re: re: new search icons
I think the "near the beginning" default is a wise choice. Seems to be a very educated decision.
user picture Author: rt
Posted: May 28 2006 - 01:36 PM
Subject: re: new search icons
Thanks! Glad you like it.

I had gotten the impression that the growing number of search possibilities were a bit hidden. Also, I hope the whole thing now looks better in IE (I changed the CSS file to make sure the whole width is used). Maybe I still need to impose a minimum width on the page to avoid situations where IE shifts the content below the menu, making it look like there is none at first glance. Unfortunately, IE and Firefox disagree about what "100%" means.
Then again, with a reasonable minimum width, it would be very hard to use the page on mobile devices that have very narrow screens.

Another new thing is that now the query is matched preferably to the beginning of Musipedia entries. This can be controlled by the user (it is under "Search options (for the Musipedia collection only)"). This boosts the result quality for the very common cases when one wants to match the query to short musical themes.
It might seem like a step back to the time when we only were able to match the query to the beginnings of pieces, but since one can still search the whole piece if one prefers to do so, and most of the time that possibility is not needed, I still think it's an improvement. Also, the default is "near the beginning" and not "at the beginning", so the common case of a forgotten upbeat should still not keep one from finding desirable matches.
Author: w0lfie
Posted: May 28 2006 - 06:16 AM
Subject: new search icons
I love the new logos for the search functions. super cool. just thought you'd like some positive feedback.
keep up the good work,
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How to insert music:

Add a bit of sheet music, along with a MIDI file, simply by entering note names in Lilypond syntax between the [L] and [/L] tags.
For example, you can try what happens if you enter: [l]g'4 g'4 d''4 d''4 e''4 e''4 d''2[/l] (use the Preview function if you don't actually want to post this).
You can create these lists of note names by clicking on piano keys here.

How to post an audio recording:

If you just want to sing, whistle, or play a melody so that other forum visitors can hear it, follow these steps:

  1. Record your audio here.
  2. You should notice a 32-character hash code, something like: 2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf
  3. copy this hash code and paste it into a forum post, enclosed in the audio tags, for example: [audio]2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf[/audio]

How to mark a thread as solved:

If the original question in a thread is solved, please mark it as solved using the "solved" icon (or by just typing [solved] into your post). This makes life easier for people who are willing to identify melodies, since unsolved problems are easier to spot that way. If a problem turns out to not be solved after all, just write [/solved] in a new post, and the thread will be labeled accordingly.