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Special forum features: inserting music notation, posting audio recordings.

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Author: Geoff Brint
Posted: Jun 22 2005 - 01:00 AM
Subject: MIDI input
Hi Rainer, thanks your recent em.
I think the virtal keyboard will answer all my needs without having to establish a MIDI link.
Like another of your correspondents, I find it easier to play a tune on the keyboard rather than whistle or sing.
As you said previously, polyphonics would complicate the issue and probably defeat the object of the system as it now stands.
Thanks for your efforts.
Kind regards, Geoff
Author: Rainer
Posted: Jun 21 2005 - 03:40 PM
Subject: Re: MIDI input
Hi Geoff,

I just added a virtual keyboard for the screen ( The source code is available under the GPL. Do you know the API well enough to add a few lines of code that would allow you to use your proper MIDI keyboard instead of the virtual screen keyboard? I don't know it, but I am getting the impression that it should just be a few lines of code.

Author: Rainer
Posted: May 23 2005 - 09:22 AM
Subject: Re: MIDI input
For extending the collection: yes, it is possible to upload a MIDI file, which could have been recorded with a MIDI keyboard. It will even be automatically turned into sheet music by Lilypond.

For searching, I don't support MIDI yet because of the problems with monophony. Reliably extracting a monophonic melody from a possibly polyphonic MIDI query is not trivial. Of course, I could just always take the top voice - that should work in most cases. So, I agree that it could be an interesting thing to do.

Were you thinking about searching or about adding new entries to the collection?


Author: Geoff Brint
Posted: May 23 2005 - 08:27 AM
Subject: MIDI input
Is it possible to input tunes from a MIDI keyboard and if so, how do I do it.
If not possible at present, do you have plans to introduce such a facility.

I think your site is great and could be developed in all sorts of useful ways.
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How to insert music:

Add a bit of sheet music, along with a MIDI file, simply by entering note names in Lilypond syntax between the [L] and [/L] tags.
For example, you can try what happens if you enter: [l]g'4 g'4 d''4 d''4 e''4 e''4 d''2[/l] (use the Preview function if you don't actually want to post this).
You can create these lists of note names by clicking on piano keys here.

How to post an audio recording:

If you just want to sing, whistle, or play a melody so that other forum visitors can hear it, follow these steps:

  1. Record your audio here.
  2. You should notice a 32-character hash code, something like: 2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf
  3. copy this hash code and paste it into a forum post, enclosed in the audio tags, for example: [audio]2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf[/audio]

How to mark a thread as solved:

If the original question in a thread is solved, please mark it as solved using the "solved" icon (or by just typing [solved] into your post). This makes life easier for people who are willing to identify melodies, since unsolved problems are easier to spot that way. If a problem turns out to not be solved after all, just write [/solved] in a new post, and the thread will be labeled accordingly.