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Author: johnmoody
Posted: Aug 30 2015 - 04:49 PM
Subject: Why does musipedia NEVER work for me?

Musipedia *never* works at all for me!

Here is a very typical example. The midi file of a familiar tune is attached, the rhythms are slightly off because I typed it into a flash keyboard, and the pitches are relative as I do not have perfect pitch. Here also is the Musipedia output when I typed it into a flash piano

g2-2294 f2s-1750 g2-657 f2s-900 b1-4000 e2-1974 d2-1391 e2-397 d2-884 g1

You see that the first two notes are a g and an f sharp etcetera.

The midi file of the same tune is attached.

Now, Musipedia recommends that this matches 'Molly's Graduation' which starts with a repetition of four occurrences of the note C, and in *no way* resembles the tune which I typed in!!!

This is a familiar theme, I have made no errors in typing it, but the strange thing is, why does Musipedia match it to a tune which has a note repeated four times at the beginning? This starts with a descending semitone!!

What on earth is wrong here?

Total Posts: 1 - Pages (1): [1]
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