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Author: Mitch
Posted: May 13 2003 - 10:49 AM
Subject: need this song title
This song says something like

'it's a feeling that there's something wrong, and it's a feeling like you should go home' something very similar and it may also say something later like 'once in a million' or 'once in a lifetime'

it's a slow and beautiful ballad I believe it's from the mid to late 90's anything newer than 2000 is too new to be it. I heard it where I worked on a mix satellite radio station. please help

it sounds almost like Freedy Johnston but it's not him or Duncan Shiek or someone who mainly plays acoustic it's about a girl too I think very subtle soft acoustic style song maybe with an orchestra backing them up
Author: remco
Posted: Mar 24 2003 - 04:57 AM
Subject: need this song title
I think this is the song you mean!

P. Lamb/L. Morgan

Sitting in the pouring rain, wondering how your night was spent
I'm thinking of you
And every time I caused you pain, the good times came and went
What can I do?
Everything about me screams goodbye, I know that you can read that in my face
Ever even stop to wonder why? 'Cause I wonder, wonder, I wonder
Wonder, wonder, I wonder

I'm taking my chances, Letting down my defenses
I'm open for something that's just not there
And it's leaving me blinded, to the chance I may find it
And all I keep thinking is I don't wanna be here

Driving by the house again, I see you let the flowers die
That isn't like you
So I guess I'll just believe it then, wilted roses never lie
So it has to be true
And every morning when I rise above the memory of you running through my head
It shouldn't be so hard to be in love, and I wonder, wonder, I wonder
Wonder, wonder, I wonder


I know there's something ringing in my ears
Oh I've got to get myself far away from here

Chorus: X2
I'm open for something that's just not there
Author: cheryl
Posted: Mar 21 2003 - 04:29 AM
Subject: need this song title
it goes like this...

i'm taking my chances letting down my defenses...cause i don't want to be hurt

another line is.....

i was driving by your house today...
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