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Author: rainerd
Posted: Apr 29 2015 - 08:47 AM
Subject: re: It has never worked for me
I agree that the search result lists always contain many items which don't seem to resemble the actual query very much. And the searched-for result is sometimes further down in the hit list so that some scrolling through and examining the list is necessary, but I don't remember any example for that.

Instead, here are two examples for queries that led my right to the desired information (and happy moments):

g'4. r4 r8 r4 a'8 c''4 b'8 g'4. r4 r8 a'8 c''4 b'8 e''4. r4 b'8 a'4 ---> "A Summer Place"

d''4. ais'4 a'8 g'4. r8 g'8 a'8 ais'8 g'8 ais'8 d''4 dis''8 d''4. c''4. ---> "Shostakovich, Dmitri : Jazz Suite No. 2: Waltz No. 2"

So all in all, the search function works for me. The search seems to be quite fuzzy though, which i presume is intended in order to compensate for mistakes in the sought-after melody.
user picture Author: rt
Posted: Apr 23 2015 - 10:46 PM
Subject: re: It has never worked for me
there are two main possibilities:
- the search engine does not work
- you are looking for something that's not in the database.

Can you give a few examples? Then I can look into the database to see whether what you're looking for is actually known to the search engine.
Author: gridsleep
Posted: Apr 23 2015 - 05:42 PM
Subject: It has never worked for me
I try both of the on screen keyboards. I have entered numerous pieces of music over the many months. The search engine comes up with all sorts of suggestions from Bob Dylan to Chopin to Bach to Rhianna but none of the suggestions is ever even close to what I am seeking. Also the little playback engine attached to each suggested entry does not play any sound in my browser. Has anyone ever had any luck finding the name of the music they were seeking? I would like to know, because this search engine has never worked for me.
Total Posts: 3 - Pages (1): [1]
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