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Special forum features: inserting music notation, posting audio recordings.

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user picture Author: rt
Posted: Mar 23 2010 - 08:49 PM
Subject: re: Beta?
I sent you a private mail - please let me know if you did not get it!
Author: eric
Posted: Mar 06 2010 - 07:09 AM
Subject: Beta?
This kind of search is really cool! And its nice to have so many different input choices for putting in a melody, but frankly, all of them that I've tried are half-baked. Is this site a Beta?

The flash paino is fairly resonsive unless you try to hit the same key twice in a row with even slight speed in which case it fails to respond to your press, which ends up making it awkward to use, though it's so close to being smooth, it is frustrating. The sound is very natural except for the excessive sustain. Your notes appear as text in a box, but there seems to be no way to edit them. If you make a mistake, you're out of luck. There is a play button but no stop. If you hit the play button a second time thinking maybe it will function like a pause (like play buttons elsewhere on the site) it starts playing your melody a second time, over top of the first play which continues playing.

The JS piano lets you edit a text representation of the melody. Yay! However it is a different format that the text representaion in the flash piano. While there is a play button there is no stop button. Start playing and realize you want to edit the first note? Too bad, you have to listen to the entire thing finish playing! Which is particularly painful because for some reason it takes what you entered and makes it really slow. Nor does it seem to preserve the rhythm of the playing whatsoever. It also plays it in a very high-pitched tinkly octave (instead of the keyboard image, perhaps the image should be of a glockenspiel).

The timing of the microphone recording is way off when you try to play the notes represetnation of it, and for some reason it plays them in a really high pitched digital sounding tone instead of anything remotely close to the octave in which you whistled/sang it. Again no stop.

I briefly tried "with mouse" but I'm not even going to go there.

I'm sure you must have heard these various points before, but the overall impression is bunch of shoddy crap cobbled together. I'm developer myself and I'd be embarrased to release this stuff to the general public even as a "beta" and there's no indication on the site that this is what it is, it's present as if this is how you meant it to be. I'm sorry to be harsh, as I think this could be a cool tool, and I'd love to see it suceed, but I think you need to understand the impression you are making.
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How to insert music:

Add a bit of sheet music, along with a MIDI file, simply by entering note names in Lilypond syntax between the [L] and [/L] tags.
For example, you can try what happens if you enter: [l]g'4 g'4 d''4 d''4 e''4 e''4 d''2[/l] (use the Preview function if you don't actually want to post this).
You can create these lists of note names by clicking on piano keys here.

How to post an audio recording:

If you just want to sing, whistle, or play a melody so that other forum visitors can hear it, follow these steps:

  1. Record your audio here.
  2. You should notice a 32-character hash code, something like: 2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf
  3. copy this hash code and paste it into a forum post, enclosed in the audio tags, for example: [audio]2a40281c5001c5a7d8c9f57fcdeccfaf[/audio]

How to mark a thread as solved:

If the original question in a thread is solved, please mark it as solved using the "solved" icon (or by just typing [solved] into your post). This makes life easier for people who are willing to identify melodies, since unsolved problems are easier to spot that way. If a problem turns out to not be solved after all, just write [/solved] in a new post, and the thread will be labeled accordingly.