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Author: remco
Posted: Jan 22 2003 - 07:50 PM
Subject: So what is the answer?
Rainer, I have to apologize.

While editing I made mistakes: only the first part of the notes-line is corresponding with the music I meant.
While editing, I made mistakes, and printend the notes of Trevor Jones, final theme music of the movie 'Blame it on the Bellboy'.
I discovered that mistake too late.

The music I was searching for, was 'Chorale' theme from a Truffaut movie 'Night and day' aka 'La nuit americaine' composed by
George Delerue.

This music is very familiair to the Trevor Jones music, and also to the Jurgen Knieper music of the Margaretha von Trotta movie.
ALL 3 music-themes have violins and trumpet solo and are composed in Baroque style.

Thanks for reading my message and playing the music!
Author: Rainer
Posted: Jan 21 2003 - 06:05 PM
Subject: So what is the answer?
So - what piece is it?

- Rainer
Author: remco
Posted: Jan 21 2003 - 05:42 PM
Subject: this problem is solved!
I found the melody/composer by an email to the creator of the documentary. thanks all
Author: remco
Posted: Jan 21 2003 - 12:12 AM
Subject: searching title composer
I am trying to find this melody.composer.
It's used in a German talkshow 'Das ganze eine Rederei'
Typical Baroque, or Baroque style composed.
It is a slow trumpet solo, with fast and busy playing violins in the background.
Definitly NOT James Last, Waldo de los Rios or Rondo Veneziano style with drums and guitars, but serious clear baroque style.

My first guesses were music from Jurgen Knieper of a Margarethe von Trotta movie, and later I thought it was Trevor Jones music of the movie 'Blame it on the bellboy'
Both I checked, and they are only the same style and not the music itself. What is only still possible now is Ennio Morricone or true
original baroque (bach, vivaldi, telemann, handel or something like that)
The music sounds very familiar to me. Without listening again, I could easily put the right notes in the editor. So it must be very well-known.

I asked ARD (german television) for information, but these people are not interested in viewers with questions. Email is ignored there.

Please anyone can help me to identify?
Thanks very much!!

 search Musipedia for this

 search Musipedia for this

Total Posts: 4 - Pages (1): [1]
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