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Author: spencer4326
Posted: Oct 17 2019 - 07:20 PM
Subject: Instrumental indie ALT song from late 90's-2007!! help
It was in the year of 2007 I heard this song playing in Aeropostale. I was shopping and this obscure song came on the playlist. It started out with a steady continuous sound I couldn't tell if it was some kind of guitar sort of like you hear in dream pop music, or some instrument I couldn't identify. It was an edgy sound and about 20 seconds into the song a Beat hits and the pitch changes. It does this for the first couple of minutes. As the song went on, the beat hit more often with the guitar noise changing more rapidly into a repetitive melody. More noises became noticeable. It really started to pick up into a really happy song. There was no singing from what I remember. I had never heard anything like it. They normally played 90's -2000's pop and alternative like the cranberries, cardigans, the apples in stereo, garbage, tracey bonham, ETC. So Im not sure if those artists would help. I've been searching for 12 years and no luck! The songs that I found most SIMILAR is Dayvan Cowboy- Boards of canada or Keen on boys-The Radio Dept. Hope this helps.
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