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Author: the_phoenix
Posted: Dec 31 2016 - 01:12 AM
Subject: Newbie Needs Help with 1 instrumental & 1 w/ lyrics.
Hello Musipedians!

I have had 2 haunting melodies playing over and over in my head, on various occasions, over a few YEARS now, and haven't had much success tracking down their origins. So, my fingers are crossed that one, or SOME of you good folks might be able to help me with one, or both.

The instrumental, I just happened upon again on someone's YouTube tutorial. I tried contacting the maker, but it appears that he is no longer w// the company he posted for, and didn't respond via Twitter either.
Anyway, it begins at precisely 5:15 into this video:

I don't know how to grab tracks off of YouTube, and I tried downloading to no avail. Please forgive my ineptitude in this area, and know that any constructive guidance at overcoming my knowledge-base deficiencies.

The vocal is at least 10 years old, and the 1st time I heard it, I called in to the station playing it, and was given the WRONG title and artist/group. I spent years searching for the album, in the meantime, the Internet evolved [YAY!!!!!], but that's when I found that I had bad information all of these years.

It's a jazz piece, heavy on piano and bass guitar. The vocalist is a female with a 20-something sounding voice, and the only lyrics I remember are,
"Who ya' talkin' to? What is she to you? I can see there's fire in your eyes."

Again, if anyone can help me track down either one of these, I would really appreciate it.

Happy New Year Everyone.

My hope is that the New Year is the start of something truly amazing for everyone.
You and I are going to change the world, individually or collectively, it's inevitable.
Let's make something spectacular happen!

Total Posts: 1 - Pages (1): [1]
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