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Source/attribution: rt_from_lei
License for using this material (applies only to this entry): Copyright situation is unclear. Please consult the original submitter (see under "Source/attribution" or check the history).
composer/group:All Saints
title:Pure Shores
lyrics or other text:Rhythm unknown! Please edit this melody if you know it! You would need to update the Lilypond source code by adding note durations, rests and maybe bar lines. Durations are specified as numbers after the note name, e. g. c4 for a quarter note c below middle c. A whole rest would, for example, be written as r1.
Please delete this text when you are done.
Thanks for your help!
  *   *     *     *                      
   \ / \   / \   / \                     
    *   *-*   *-*   *-*   *-*-*-*-*      
                       \ /         \     
                        *           *    
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