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Source/attribution: rjr
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composer/group:Judy Collins
title:Sky Fell
lyrics or other text:The rain is falling down
Along with the sky
The colors and remembered suns
Are pouring by.

What will I do with the sky
When it is empty?

Come to the window
Put your arms around me again
If you don't hold me
I will wash away with the rain

What will I do with my arms
When they are empty?

I'll just stand here and watch
The sky fall while you
Put yourself together
While you gather up the time it took to
Make us think we would last forever.

The window fills your face
With silver and grain,
You're soaking up the sky
I'll never see it again

What will I do with the sky
When it is empty

What will I do with my life
When you have left me?

                                    *   *      
                                   / \ / \     
                                  *   *   *    
                                 /         \   
                                *           *  
                               /             \ 
            *-*               *               *
           /   \             /                 
          *     *           *                  
         /       \         /                   
        *         *       *                    
       /           \     /                     
      *             *-*-*                      
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