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Source/attribution: New Realbook 3
License for using this material (applies only to this entry): Public Domain
composer/group:Bronislau Kaper, Paul Francis Webster
lyrics or other text:You and your smile, hold a strange invitation.
Somehow it seems we've shared our dreams, but where?
Time after time in a rom full of strangers,
out of the blue suddenly you are there.
Where ever I go you're the glow of temptation,
glancing my way in the gray of the dawn.
And always your eyes smile that strange invitation.
Then you are gone. Where, oh, where have you gone?
How long must I stay in a world of illusion,
be where you are, so near yet so far apart.
Hoping you'll say, with a warm invitation,
"Where have you been? Darling come in, come into my heart."
   / \                                   
  *   *   *                              
 /     \ / \                             
*       *   *                            
              *   *-*-*   *              
               \ /     \ / \             
                *       *   *-*   *      
                               \ / \     
                                *   *   *
                                     \ / 
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