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The Open Music Encyclopedia

Welcome to Musipedia! Inspired by, but not affiliated with Wikipedia, we are building a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes.

Every entry can be edited by anybody. An entry can contain a bit of sheet music, a MIDI file, textual information about the viagra cost work and canadian healthcare viagra sales the composer, and last but not least the cialis fast delivery usa Parsons Code, a rough description of the levitra vs viagra melodic contour.

Name that Tune

Music Search

You can base your search on melody (i. e., pitch and viagra visa rhythm), melodic contour, or just rhythm.

Melody Search

Identify a melody by entering it

Contour-based Search

If you are unsure about the exact intervals between notes, try the no prescription viagra Melodic Contour Search. This way, all you need to know is whether the viagra and oxycodone tune goes up, down, or if the pitch stays the same.

Rhythm-based Search

For an even simpler (but less specific) way of searching, try the Rhythm-based "Query by Tapping" search method.

SOAP Interface

If you are a computer, or want to integrate the Musipedia search into your own web service, you can use the viagra canadian pharmacy dosage SOAP interface, which makes it possible to search based on melody, contour, or rhythm.