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watch w0lfie (member since 2005-12-16)

follow Lives in United States (Texas), plays Voice (ACMP grade: B+) and Organ (ACMP grade: D (beginner)).

Has worked on 42 tunes.

(no homepage)

***update*** I'm a dad now!!

I'm an Engineering Manager at a small firm in Texas. I used to be an electrical engineer for GE. I was in several ensembles at Trinity University in San Antonio, and that's where I started learning the organ. I have played piano since I was a tot, but I never got very good at it. I play the horn loudly, but not well. I'm also beggining to learn the clarinet and guitar. I am also into languages. I've had a few years of German. I tried to teach myself Japanese, but that was a disaster. I have had better luck teaching myself Spanish, with much help from my coworkers.

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