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user picture Author: rt
Posted: Dec 02 2007 - 03:42 PM
Subject: re: Results pages hangs
Which browser and generic cialis which media player were you using?

I am posting below what currently happens on the generic cialis sale result page, depending on which browser is used. If you tell me whether you used IE or Firefox, and which media player, we should be able to pinpoint the healthcare of canada pharmacy Javascript function that caused the viagra street price problem, and maybe we can come up with something that works better. I already try to keep the india viagra players from starting on their own, but either I am doing something wrong or the best prices on viagra browsers or media players just ignore that.

Here's the current code (the function playMedia is called for every matching MIDI file). It is already a few years old, so some adjusting to current browsers and purchase no rx cialis media players might be a very good idea.

function playMedia(mediaURL,height,width,from,to) {

var mediaURL,height,width;

if (GetBrowser() == "Netscape")
if (GetBrowser() == "IE")
if (navigator.appName.substring(0,5) == "WebTV")

function embedSource(mediaURL,height,width,from,to) {

var CodeGen = "";
var mediaURL,height,width;

CodeGen = '<embed src="' + mediaURL + '"' + '\n' ;
CodeGen += ' height=' + height + ' width=' + width + 'autostart="false" starttime="' + from+ '" ENDTIME="'+to+'" \n';
CodeGen += ' LOOP="false"' + //rpt +



function embedMPlayer(mediaURL,height,width) {

CodeGen = "";
var mediaURL,height,width;

CodeGen = '<embed type="application/x-mplayer2" ' + '\n' ;
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'pluginspage="" ' + '\n' ;
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'Name="MediaPlayer" ' + 'src="' + mediaURL + '" '
+ '\n' ;
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'autoStart=0 ' ;
if ((height == 24) && (width == 299))
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'ShowStatusBar=1 ';
if ((height >= 50) && (width >= 200))
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'ShowStatusBar=1 ';
if ((height <= 49) && (width != 299))
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'ShowStatusBar=0 ';

CodeGen = CodeGen + 'playCount=1' + ' ' ;
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'volume=-1 ' ;
CodeGen = CodeGen + 'HEIGHT=20' + ' WIDTH=' + width + '>'



function embedIEobject(mediaURL,height,width){

CodeGen = ""
var mediaURL,height,width

CodeGen = '<object id=Player' + '\n' ;
CodeGen +=
+ '\n' ;
CodeGen += 'type=application/x-oleobject height=' + height + ' width='
+ width + '\n' ;
CodeGen += ' standby="Loading Microsoft® Windows® Media Player components..." ' + '\n' ;
CodeGen += 'classid="CLSID:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95"> ' +
'\n' ;
CodeGen += '<param NAME="Filename" VALUE="' + mediaURL + '">' + '\n' ;
if ((height == 24) && (width == 299))
CodeGen += '<param NAME="ShowStatusBar" VALUE= "true">';
if ((height >= 50) && (width >= 200))
CodeGen += '<param NAME="ShowStatusBar" VALUE= "true">';
if ((height <= 49) && (width != 299))
CodeGen += '<param NAME="ShowStatusBar" VALUE= "false"> ';

CodeGen += '<param NAME="autoStart" VALUE="false"><param NAME="Volume" VALUE="-1">' + '\n' ;
CodeGen += '<param NAME="playCount" VALUE=1' + '></object>'


Author: proudprimate
Posted: Dec 02 2007 - 02:59 PM
Subject: Results page hangs
When using "Search the viagra no prescription overnight Web", even when I get only two results, the browser hangs and cialis online has to be put out of its misery with Task Manager, because the cheap generic cialis pills little black media players say they're "connecting", and no other keys will make any difference beside CTRL-ALT-DEL. I can't even back out with CTRL-LEFT nor the cialis 30 mg mouse.

A better policy would be to render these demonic machines inert until the buy cialis online canada user CLICKS one of them. As it is, they both (all, in the viagra in canada case of more than two) plunge into the abyss as soon as the Results Page is shown, never to be seen again.
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