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 Author: headfones
Posted: Feb 04 2012 - 10:35 PM
Subject: The Churkindoose
I had an LP as a child 60+ years ago about a fowl in the hen house so ugly it was bullied and ridiculed by all the other "birds" insesantly. Then one night a fox raided the hen house and was frightened away by this ugly creature saving everyone's life. While still ugly was now the hero. Even the next morning when it turned into an adult swan. Anyone know where I might obtain that LP? Or a series of golden 45's titled "Little black Sambo's Jungle Band"? Sambo was an east Indian child (not an American Negro) who introduced us to various musical instruments as animals in the jungle. Ex: the big baboon and his big bassoon. And another LP "Genie the Record" which takes us anywhere the imagination can go by the magic of sound. The circus, the zoo, the ocean etc. When you turned it over to play the flip side the first sound you heard was the sound of a record being scratched by the needle. Where the record itself says "Oooo, Ouch!!! be careful. Probably should have made these three separate posts...oh well.
Total Posts: 1 - Pages (1): [1]
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