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user picture  Author: rt
Posted: Jul 17 2014 - 10:24 AM
Subject: re: Hash problems
yeah, sorry about the instability. I hope that over the summer I find the time to upgrade Red5, the flash recording server.
The version that's running right now is quite old, it stems from a time when Red5 was not yet available as a Debian package. I plan to get rid of this standalone installation and replace it with the current Debian package. That should make the whole thing more stable.
Author: zamek
source site Posted: Jul 16 2014 - 11:51 PM
Subject: re: Hash problems
still hit and miss (more of a miss) to try and record tunes using microphone. at least 4 out of 5 times I still get the "no hash given" error and sometimes it doesn't work at all even after several attempts. also the search function didn't work once I did manage to get the recording. finally how does one easily copy the 32 digits that scroll in the sound box? I can't use the normal copy and paste method and have to type out each individual character, a real pain because the code is scrolling by all the time
user picture follow Author: rt
Posted: Mar 20 2011 - 12:40 PM
get link Subject: re: Hash problems
not really a bug, but still a malfunction: the MySQL table where these hashes are stored had crashed, and therefore it was impossible to add more entries. I ran a "REPAIR TABLE" - please try again!
Author: warpio
Posted: Mar 12 2011 - 04:55 PM
Subject: re: Hash problems
yeah it doesn't work for me either. my microphone records fine but I get "no hash given". is this a bug?
Author: mmkk
Posted: Feb 08 2011 - 10:52 PM
Subject: re: Hash problems
Oh yes, I recorded it loud enough so the replay is also well audiable, but still nothing.
Author: mmkk
Posted: Feb 08 2011 - 10:49 PM
Subject: Hash problems
Hi all,

I'm having a problem getting the hash code in "microphone search". I'm playing a short clip I recorded some 10 years ago on a cassette, it's a good recording. When I play it on microphone on this site, it records it, I can listen to it (play), but I don't get any hash codes or anything.

How do I submit the recording. What am I doing wrong?

(I tried it on IE and Firefox, flash recorder window is functioning, I allow it access to microphone, but ... no hash code ever comes out)

thanks, regards
Total Posts: 6 - Pages (1): [1]
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